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Using our proven digital lead generation strategies, we’ve generated over 200,000 quality leads to help our clients’ businesses grow

Our Approach

Free Consult

Book a free consultation, and get a no-obligation lead gen strategy for your business


Answer a few simple questions to help us set-up your ad campaigns. Our team will have your campaign set up within 4 - 7 business days after on-boarding.

Campaign Set-Up

We zone in on your target audience and develop the creatives (copy and images) for your ad campaigns

Campaign Launch & Maintenance

We pull the trigger on your ad campaign, then we test and optimise until the leads continue to roll in $$$

Real Time Lead Delivery

We send you live call transfers, as well as deliver lead information to your inbox and CRM, so you have to opportunity to close deals faster.


Shoppers conduct research online before shopping


We’ve invested in Facebook Ad Spend


Quality leads generated for our clients’ revenue growth

Our Story

While being in the digital marketing industry collectively for over 10 years, we noticed a common problem across ALL businesses, and that was, they struggle to engage with their audience on a human level. So, we wanted to create a way for business owners to easily share their knowledge and expertise online with their target audience to attract them to their business; thus, Paramount Leads was born. Paramount Leads is the premier lead generation marketing agency based in Sydney, Australia. Our goal as an agency is to help our clients by turning their industry knowledge into a lead generating machine that produces a flow of hot leads on tap. Paramount Leads was founded on the belief that the best content establishes trust, breathes authenticity, and provides readers with true value, and the best way to create this content is through working with experts (like us) that has successfully done this for countless businesses.

Talk to an Expert
Gerri Cortes

Gerri Cortes

 Lead Generation Expert I Co-Founder

From apprentice to CEO in less than a year, Gerri Cortes has been a digital marketing and lead generation expert for over 6 years. She’s invested over $1,000,000 in ad-spend, turning over 500% ROI for her clients and her own businesses. Thanks to her uncanny ability to identify the ideal client profile, deploy advanced marketing strategies, and automate sophisticated systems and processes, she has helped many business owners increase sales and multiply profits without the stress.

Michael Galvin

Michael Galvin

Conversion Specialist I Co-Founder

Starting his journey as a digital marketer for his own company, Michael naturally moved into consulting and coaching business owners on customer acquisition. Within a few years, he managed to help grow multiple small businesses to 6 and 7 figures. Michael has one of the best conversion track records in the industry, and along the way he has created hundreds of success stories for his clients by sharing his industry knowledge, skills and team with businesses, and he has proven his ability to grow profitable automated leads on demand.

What We Do For Our Clients

Get Consistent Leads

Choose between 30 to 100+ leads monthly. Thanks to our targeted digital advertising reach and high-conversion rate we can virtually guarantee you get new clients each and every month.

Real Time Leads

Our leads are delivered in real-time to give your business the opportunity to close new customers who are ready to buy now. Our leads are instantly transferred via phone and delivered securely to your inbox, giving you the best chance of closing the sale.

Exclusive Leads

This is what really set us apart from our competitors. Our leads are EXCLUSIVE to your business. Unlike most other Lead Generation agencies, we work exclusively with only one business in the same market in a particular area. This gives you the best chance of closing a sale while minimising your competition, meaning you aren't competing for leads that you pay for.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a complete money-back guarantee on our lead generation services if the job is not complete. Meaning, once we agree to a certain number of leads, if we fail to deliver that number, you get a complete refund.

Why? Because if we haven't completed the job as we agreed, we haven't earned your money. This eliminates your risk entirely and puts it all on us. By doing so, you know we'll work harder than anyone else to deliver high-quality results.

Replacement Program

At Paramount Leads, we provide a replacement program for any lead that submits incorrect contact details. For example, if you get a lead where the phone number doesn't have a valid connection, or the email bounces, we'll replace these leads at no extra cost.

Sales and Customer Service Support

It's in our best interest to see our clients succeed because at Paramount Leads it's our goal to build long lasting relationships with our partners. So, you can expect to receive Sales Training video tutorials and PDF guides on how to respond when a lead comes in, so you have an even greater chance of closing the sale. You can also expect to hear from us on a weekly/daily basis just to check in on how your follow through is going with our leads, and get your feedback on quality assurance.

Nice Things Our Partners Say About Us

"For quite a while I was unsure about the best way to market my kitchen reno business. I did some radio ads and direct mailer stuff but didn’t really get the results I was hoping for. Times are a bit too competitive to rely on half-rate marketing efforts. When I stumbled on Paramount I couldn’t help but notice their unique offers, which basically put me at no risk in trying them out. Not to mention they really seemed to know my industry, unlike other marketing agencies I’d spoken to in the past. Mike and Gerri treated my business like it was their own. I got 4 new inquiries the first day the campaign went live, two of which resulted in new contracts. The Paramount Leads team made amazing things happen for my business and I’m very grateful."

Colleen ThorntonMelbourne Kitchen Designs

"Things weren’t going as smoothly as we’d have liked so we brought in Paramount to help us get more leads. They basically transformed our whole marketing strategy and ended up bringing in more work than we’d ever had to deal with.Working with them was a pleasure too and they’re as proactive and communicative as you could want. We’re in the pool building business and thanks to our work with Paramount our pipeline is totally full. Highly recommended"

Jacob MazlumRegency Pools


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